What Is Foam Board?

Foam Board is made from a sheet of CFC free polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of acid free paper to form a strong, lightweight and rigid board with a variety of uses. Foam Board is:

  • Acid Free and ph neutral
  • Anti UV treated to resist yellowing
  • Non-toxic to humans
  • Produced without CFCs
  • Made from recycleable polystyrene

What Can You Make From Foam Board?

Foam Board can be used for an almost endless variety of uses. It can be painted and cut easily with a craft knife into any shape you can think of. Sheets of Foam Board can be made into almost anything including:

  • Scale models
  • Craft projects
  • Shop window displays
  • Interior signage
  • Life size cutouts

Foam Board For Mounting and Presentations

Mount photographs, charts and presentations on foamboard for a professional look. It is lightweight, durable and ph neutral so can be easily transported and stored.

Why Polystyrene Foam Board?

Polystyrene foam board has a number of advantages over polyurethane boards, or "polyboards". Firstly, the closed-cell structure of polystyrene gives the foam a "memory" which enables it to recover its shape after being compressed. Polyurethane does not have this "memory", so when die-cutting polyboard the edge remains compressed. Our foam board gives a clean straight edge.Another advantage is that while polyboards turn yellow with age, our foam board has been treated to resist UV yellowing.Finally, polystyrene does not produce any harmful gasses during its manufacture, and is fully recyclable. Polyurethane boards are not.The only limitation of polystyrene foam board is that it cannot be used in conjunction with solvent based paints and glues. If you wish to use these then we would recommend using polyurethane boards.